First round Tokensale price proportion is 

1 ETH - 15,000,000 SSN 

Send ETH to this address(Minimum 0.01ETH):


Must do) Set Gaslimit 100000,15 Gwei

You will receive the token immediately.

Must read

Let's talk about the hot stuff.

As everybody knows ICO too much revelead themselves only a way to scam investors money out. False promises, ran away and hidden.

Our ICO funding plan is clear and simple, enough as it should be to let the coin's value grow and not the opposite, as we see too often,We will protect our initial investors

50% of the ICO fund will be used to set a buy wall at the same price of the ICO presale, and at the same time create buy pressure, giving market a strong buy orders list made by dev team themselves.
This will make stabilze the price of the coin and will take effect as a shield against Stupid dumper dumping.

The other 50% of the ICO incomes will be used for services payments, innovations costs, marketing, and further more to develop and grow our coin.