Airdrop & Bounty

  • 1.Free  selfdrop

    Send 0 ETH to 0xfd66124133a17868ed0Ee7FbbBD90ABabC33531A

    Get 5000 SSN right away.

  • 2.Join our Community

    Telegram                   (Get 20000 SSN)

    Twitter                       (Get 20000 SSN,need follow and retweet pinned tweet)

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  • 3.Promotion & Spread

    Rewards: 0.1 ETH to 10 ETH

    Use any way to promotion and spread,for example,a Introduce of video,forum post about our project,discuss our ICO.We will check actual effect of promotion,such as number of visits, number of comments...To determine the rewards you can get.

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  • 4.Target airdrop

    We will target IGtoken holders top 500 address conduct 1:1 airdrop, That is 1IG=1SSN.

    Excluding all IG team address and exchange address.Snapshot time is Singapore at 18:30 on October 10.