What can SuperSkyNet do?

SuperSkyNet is an intelligent collaboration system based on IOT, fog computing, block chaining and AI technology. The Internet has already become a part of our lives, as an extension of Internet technology, the Internet of Things is also rising rapidly. Now, there are more and more online devices around us, such as computers, mobile phones, routers, cameras, etc. are in a 24-hour online state. However, these online devices are still not fully interconnected and work together, the global online equipment resources are greatly wasted. So we put forward an intelligent cooperative system based on Internet of Things, fog computing, block chain, AI 

- SuperSkyNet Ecology System.


Decentration computing based on DAG


Based on Avalanche consensus protocol


High TPS and scalability

  • PAD

    Intelligent big data chaining


    Intelligent big data chaining

  • FOR AI

    Intelligent big data chaining

  • CODE

    Intelligent big data chaining


    Intelligent big data chaining


    Intelligent big data chaining


    Intelligent big data chaining


    Intelligent big data chaining


  • Big DATA

    SuperSkyNet uses not only personal computers and phones, but all the devices around us. These devices will generate a lot of data, which will be analyzed and modeled by the Super Computing System of Super Skynet with the help of fog computing technology, and generate a variety of applications that are convenient for people. One of the applications is Crypto Superstar, a leader in auto trading applications designed to facilitate day-to-day trading for traders. Based on the algorithms, the crypto superstar calculates the growth of a particular cryptocurrency. You can see the crypto superstar app erfahrungen blog to know the user experiences and also the working model of the bot.

  • Traffic

    Transportation dispatch, intelligent driving system urban development, traffic first, only to build a sound transportation system, can create a livable city. Super SkyNet can identify the congestion situation in the city very quickly through a large number of traffic data in the system, and solve the problem of long-term congestion in the city by releasing the details of congestion through Super Assistant, and automatically scheduling.

  • Prediction

    For example, meteorological monitoring equipment connected to the super sky network can produce a large number of weather data, according to these data, we can make weather forecasts, automatic analysis and alarm.

  • GAME

    Integrated blockchain game engine supports 2D/3D/HTML5 games.And the AR/VR has been applied in detail.SuperSkyNet handles game data very quickly, and in the future people can use mobile devices for real-life game interaction.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Data, computing power and algorithm are the foundation of AI. The data generated by the Internet of Things (IOT) is huge, and distributed super-computing system can be the guarantee of computing ability for AI applications. Therefore, based on Skynet system, we can develop a large number of AI applications based on DAPP.

  • DAPP

    Developers now have the tools to quickly build applications for multiplayer games,video streaming sports, social media and sharing economies by using SuperSkyNet development tools.SuperSkyNet also includes smart contract templates for many common applications with the team adding more as the ecosystem grows. While there are many different features within the SDK, each has been optimized to run on the SuperSkyNet  mainchain.




    blockchain practitioner. Graduated from Tokyo Speech University, proficient in Chinese, English and Japanese. Although a young man, he has been working in the blockchain industry for several years. His goal is to lead SSN into the top ten public chain in the world.

  • MarLee / CTO

    Graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, responsible for the operation of the team, early investors in Ethereum. Has led the team to participate in the operations of multiple communities, and has achieved rich benefits.

  • Wong / Front-end developer

    JAVA senior engineer from Singapore, responsible for the overall design of the team's front-end architecture, has participated in the development of Alipay Malaysia.

  • Ning Yi / Director of Operations

    Professional game operation director.Worked for Binance planning management,Familiar with global promotion of products.

  • Hu Xu / Main developer

    Graduated from Software Engineering Department of Tsinghua University,Baidu big data research center technician,Cloud computing and large data product backend development have been deeply studied.

  • Xin Huang / Marketer

    IDG Capital co-founders,5 years of capital investment, 3 years of block chain marketing experience.


  • Total supply: 45,000,000,000


    Contract address:0xa5b46ff9a887180c8fb2d97146398ddfc5fef1cd

    Team and Foundation locked 3 years,

    unlock 33.33% per year.


    Let's talk about the hot stuff.

    As everybody knows ICO too much revelead themselves only a way to scam investors money out. False promises, ran away and hidden.

    Our ICO funding plan is clear and simple, enough as it should be to let the coin's value grow and not the opposite, as we see too often,
    We will protect our initial investors.

    50% of the ICO fund will be used to set a buy wall at the same price of the ICO presale, and at the same time create buy pressure, giving market a strong buy orders list made by dev team themselves.
    This will make stabilze the price of the coin and will take effect as a shield against Stupid dumper dumping.

    The other 50% of the ICO incomes will be used for services payments, innovations costs, marketing, and further more to develop and grow our coin.


"The future of block chain"